a. Your Scotland, Your Future



Scotland is a fortunate country. We’re blessed with natural resources, a landscape of diverse and stunning beauty, a unique cultural heritage and a rich and colourful history. And, more importantly, with enormous potential for the future.


With the limited home rule we already have – devolution – we have made great strides forward. The political shape of our country has changes radically in little more than a decade. We can now take many decisions in Scotland, for Scotland and those decisions mean we are protected from the damage now being caused to the NHS, for example, by the Tories down south.


I believe that it is now time to take the logical next step – to move Scotland on and grasp the opportunities offered by the independence other nations enjoy.


The more tools we have at our disposal, the more we can do to protect all that is important here in Scotland and the more we can do to build a better future. With independence the social union with the rest of the UK will continue. However, we will speak with our own voice to the world and make decisions based on our own values and priorities.


Independence will only happen when the people of Scotland decide. Together, it is our choice as a nation. That is why, within the life time of this parliament, the Scottish government is committed to holding a referendum so we can hear your views


Independence will allow us to create an exciting new Scotland – a Scotland fit for the 21st century. We will have the power and the responsibility to find our own solutions to the challenges we face and to engineer fairness, confidence, innovation, opportunity and prosperity.


At the same time, it will mean a partnership of equals with other nations, protecting vital Scottish interests like our fishing industry by having a seat at the top table while playing our part in the global community through organisations such as the European Union and the United Nations.


Most importantly decisions will no longer be imposed on Scotland. Devolution meant we could no longer have something as unpopular as the poll tax foisted on Scotland. Independence will mean we no longer face having our troops sent to fight in an illegal war like Iraq.


The days when we have to implement policies forced on us by Tory governments in London we didn’t choose will be over for good.



– Alex Salmond.


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