m. “A Good New Year to you all”


How many times over these past few days have you heard the saying “ well let’s hope this year is a better one than the last”?

Well at least this year, 2014, has the makings of providing  just such a better year, albeit in our own hands.

2014 gives us the opportunity, come September 18th to make not only 2014 a better year than the one previous but to ensure that the years following are better also. We all hold that power in our hands and only a YES vote will secure that better future.

But let us dwell for a moment on what future a No vote has to offer.

A No vote can offer no more than what we are already experiencing at the hands of Westminster control: that is to perpetuate a divide in our society the like of which has not been seen since the 1920s. A society where both Conservative and Liberals ensure that those who are undeservedly wealthy become ultra wealthy and those who are undeservedly poor become ultra poor as the Welfare State, at their hands, is systematically dismembered. This is the stated aim of Westminster policies. And what of Labour? Labour may well come to power on the back of the next Westminster election but you may rest assured that once the Tory/Liberal coalition has done the dirty work, Labour will not re-instate the Welfare State as it should be and the poor will continue to become poorer. The queues at the food banks will become longer and society will divide even further. The corrupt British political system will never change under Westminster rule, it is not in the nature of the beast to change its spots. Is that really the kind of future years you really want? Is that the kind of country you want to live in?

At least with a YES vote there is the opportunity to ditch the corrupt system of British politics and replace it with something fresh, meaningful and engaging.

Holyrood too though, having been born out of the corruption of the British system under the then Labour Party also needs to be shaken out of its complacency and politics brought back to where it belongs. With the people.

Politicians of all political colours have enclosed themselves within the party political “bubble world”, a world so far removed from the everyday lives of the “common” people, that much of what they say and do has become simply meaningless, resulting in voter apathy and disengagement. This apathy allows the dregs of the political world to rise to the top by default and allows them to indulge in securing their own financial security at the expense of those less fortunate.

Apathy allows extremists of  the Right to spread their poison of hatred.

Only a YES vote can ensure a fairer, more equal society. Only a YES vote will allow us to take those first steps towards a politically independent Scotland, not just for the Scots, but for all those who choose to make Scotland their home, now and in the years to come.

Make 2014 that Good New Year that we have all been waiting for. That year which has to be better than the last!



Don Smith,


Thurso Branch SNP

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