l. Ten Green Bottles


Recently I heard some school children singing that old song, ‘Ten Green Bottles… sitting on the wall’ and this set me to thinking about the Independence Referendum.

The referendum… where’s the connection?… I hear you ask.

Well now here is the thought that went through my mind. All the anti-independence groups who are aligned against us, the SNP led pro-independence movement, may indeed be likened to the empty bottles sitting on the wall, each with their own brightly coloured labels and each equally devoid of content or substance. When that last bottle falls then the final obstacle to Scotland re-gaining her rightful Political Independence will be removed.

There is, is there not, that old saying which states that it is the empty vessel that makes the most noise?

One last thought, now that the children’s catapult has been removed from the scene due to political correctness, where’s the nearest recycling bottle bank?

Don Smith

Branch Convenor


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