k. No Deception by Labour?





“O what a tangled web we weave,

When first we practise to deceive”.


Deception? Without prejudice I honestly believe that is what’s being pedalled by the pro-Union, Labour led, No to independence campaign. A campaign based on dis-information and scare-mongering. A campaign of glib and unsubstantiated statements such as “Scotland is better as part of the United Kingdom”.

Principled Labour supporters here in Scotland must be absolutely ashamed of Labour’s prostitution of its Scottish heritage and proud history in its favouring the retention of an out-dated and blatantly Imperialist, pro- British Union.

Keir Hardie must be not only turning in his grave, he must be going positively centrifugal.

Add to the above Labour’s continual petty sniping, personal attacks on First Minister Alex Salmond and their pitiful attempts to sow the seeds of disaffection among the Scottish Government ranks and the SNP membership in general and their position sinks even deeper into the mire.


So why is a party whom one would have thought should be fully behind Scotland’s political independence so vehemently opposed to it?

Could the answer be, under independence, without the need for Scottish Labour representatives at Westminster, these more experienced and politically more astute politicians would be looking to represent seats which are at present held by what is rapidly proving itself to be, a lesser and more inadequate group of “third rate” Labour MSPs…thus replacing them?

With this scenario it is no wonder then that Johann Lamont, et al, are not in favour of independence. They would be the proverbial ‘Turkeys’ voting for Christmas (I suppose every cloud has its silver lining) but do I need to point out the obvious?


Yes we all know that it was Labour established Devolution in the first place, as a result of strong SNP pressure and popularity, but it was designed with only one purpose in mind. I refer to this as the Job Syndrome: that’s Job(e) not job. “Hither shalt thou come but no further”. (Job 38:11).


To the pups (pro-Union politicians) the purveyors of poverty and provincialism, breathe the oxygen of publicity while you may. Being devoid of meaningful argument of your own you need to rely on negative attacks on those who strive to give Scotland a better future, lest you suffocate and lapse in to political obscurity.


To the folk who are undecided on the subject of an independent Scotland…here is one simple fact, as far as Scotland’s interests are represented. At Westminster; a mere 4% representation. At Holyrood; 100% representation. Draw your own conclusion.


Finally, not being one to pedal scare-mongering myself, I leave you with a truly scary thought…do you honestly want to see Johann Lamont, Ruth Davidson or Willie Rennie as our First Minister? That thought alone is but one reason to support Independence over Devolution…Yes?




Don Smith,



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