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Are the SNP anti-English?


This question has come up a lot recently, on social media, in conversation, in certain publications. This question has appalled me, I thought this was a myth expelled 40 years ago – clearly not. So, are the SNP anti-English?


In short. No. The SNP does not hate any cultural grouping, we desire an independent Scotland, where decisions affecting Scotland is made by people living in Scotland. That’s all.


It will not be the people who live in England that will prevent Scotland from regaining political independence in 2014: it will be ourselves, the people who live in Scotland. This debate on independence has nothing to do with the heinous stereotype of Scotland v England. This is about people who live in Scotland – which consists of more than just people actually born in Scotland but of every nationality that has come to live here – deciding if we want to make our own decisions on the world stage or if we want to remain tied to the decisions made by those in Whitehall and Westminster. Decisions increasingly at odds to Scotland’s social values, an example is the recently passed benefit cap. Only 11 MPs from Scotland voted in favour of this cap on benefits. Yet, it is foisted on us nonetheless.


Many peoples have come to live in Scotland. Perhaps for work reasons or because they saw a brighter future for themselves and their family. A chance of a better way of living. These people see the potential Scotland has to offer. There will be various people from different cultures who will vote ‘YES’ in the referendum. The make up of the SNP is not wholly Scottish-born either. Those with the positive vision and informed opinion will vote for an independent Scotland. This is about ‘Scotland’s independence’, not ‘Scottish independence’ and our cultural differences are something that should be promoted and celebrated.


I do not feel a ‘YES’ vote is embracing nationalism, I feel it is embracing internationalism.


To regain our political independence it will need to be by the mass will of people in Scotland. It’s time to embrace the potential Scotland has.


Andrew Smith

Thurso SNP Press Officer


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