j. An Independent Thought


Most folk see Scotland’s Independence as some kind of huge, scary leap of faith: so, how do we counter this?

Here is my thought. Compare if you will Scotland to our own homes. When we are there, behind our own front door, within our own four walls, we take independent decisions which are for the betterment of ourselves and our family. We would not expect our neighbour to tell us how to decorate our home nor which colour of curtains to hang because they could see them from across the road and didn’t like them.

Of course even within our own home our independence is never total. We are never cut off or separated from others. Many factors impinge on that independence, fuel costs, local services, cost of living etc., all things of which we as individuals do not have total, independent control over.

And so it is with Scotland.

Scotland is our home and as such we should have the right to decide what is best for our family in Scotland. If our neighbour does not like the colour of our curtains, then tough, as in our home, so in our country. Scotland must be politically independent but that will be influenced by external issues on which Scotland will be interdependent. That is just the way of the world.

Reducing the argument to this comparison reduces the enormity and removes the scary factor.

One last thought. Let us not refer to ‘Scottish’ Independence but ‘Scotland’s’ Independence, for Scotland is now home to many nationalities and cultures. These people have chosen to come to our country to live, work or retire and as such have a vested interest in seeing a more prosperous Scotland, they have every right to have their say.

A politically Independent Scotland is nearer than you may think.

Yours For Scotland.

Donald Smith.

Branch Convener.


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